CCC Socks for Seniors

Collection November 13th thru December 10th
Collection box will in the church lobby

Each year thousands of lonely and financially challenged seniors struggle with the holiday blues.  They dread facing the holiday season alone – some being without family or friends, some being a widow or widower.  Some seniors just being away from children or grandchildren produces extreme loneliness that is exaggerated by festivities of the season.

Socks for Seniors and its volunteers have one priority this Christmas season and that is to bring holiday cheer  along with a pair of new socks to warm the hearts and cover the cold feet of our elderly.

What kind of socks???
     Fun Fuzzy Socks
     Colorful long socks
     White tube socks
     Socks with grips on the bottom to prevent sliding
     Orthopedic socks

If you have any questions, please call Michelle Baxter at 270-316-0650.