Capital Stewardship Campaign FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the campaign goal and how long will it last?
   The estimated cost of the project is $3 million over a 3-year period, beyond our annual giving.
   $300,000 for missions over the next three years
   $200,000 for Center Street Campus renovation
   $2.5 million for new Thruston-Dermont Campus

Why are we doing this now?
   We are outgrowing our current facility. We need room to expand our children's and youth services and add rooms for adult Sunday School and Bible Studies. This campaign will engage our membership to improve our facilities, ministries, and increase membership.

When will the work begin?
   The work will begin as the funds become available from the Daring Faith/Bold Courage Building Campaign.

What will happen if we go over our goal?
   All donations collected after we exceed our goal will be put toward the ongoing needs of the mission.

Is this the right time to conduct a capital campaign?
   There is never an ideal time to conduct a campaign due to the economy's constant ebb and flow, but we must step out in faith and always consider ways in which we can maintain our commitment to the Lord, enhance our facilities and ministries and remain a vibrant church.

Is this congregation large enough to cover the cost of the initiative?
   Christ Community is committed to being responsible stewards of financial gifts and not spending more than we can afford. Rather than a challenge, we see the upcoming campaign as an opportunity to engage our membership and remind each of us that all things are possible through Christ. Our primary goal is to expand and deepen faith's ministries, while at the same time serving more of our community and the world beyond.

Who will be asked to support the campaign?
   Every member of our church family will be asked to consider a gift according to their financial ability. We pray everyone will play a conscientious role in renewing the future of the mission.

Is my pledge over and above my Saturday or Sunday offering?
   In short, yes. We can only reach our goal with a little extra sacrifice by our church family. The church will continue to have normal operating expenses during the pledge period and reduction of weekend offerings would impact day to day operations of the mission.

What is a pledge?
   Payments over time is common for large purchases. A pledge to the Daring Faith/Bold Courage Campaign is the same and makes it possible for you to make a more significant contribution than a one-time gift to the campaign without undue hardship.

What happens if I am unable to fulfill my pledge?
   Pledges are made in good faith and accepted as such. If hardship or illness prevents you from fulfilling your pledge, simply let the church know.

How can I learn more about this campaign?
   The congregation will be informed through worship announcements, bulletin information, letters, emails and other forms of communication. We will also hold gatherings to offer opportunities for questions and answers. Please feel free to reach our to any staff member regarding campaign questions.

Can I volunteer to help?
   Absolutely! Campaigns are successful because members are willing to pitch in to accomplish the objectives. For more information on the many ways you can get involved, please contact the church office at 270-686-6327 or complete the form below.

What will you not do in this campaign?
   1. We will not pressure anyone to give. "You must each decide in your heart how much to give. And don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure. For God loves a person who gives cheerfully." 2 Corinthians 9:7 (NLT)
   2. We will not mix giving with personal promotions. "Sell my product to the church and I'll tithe."
   3. We will not sell junk. David said, "I will not...sacrifice an offering that costs me nothing." 1 Chronicles 21:24 (NIV)

What will you do in this campaign, without apology?
   1. We will show how everyone can give something. It is a myth that some people can't give anything. (Mark 12:43) There are many ways to give if one is willing to give. Even those with no cash can make a commitment to give.
   2. We will ask people to sacrifice. You cannot become like Christ without learning to sacrifice, and certainly the Body of Christ is worth sacrificing for.
   3. We will be grateful to be a part of what God is doing in our church.


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