Happy Birthday

February Birthdays

Sharon Quisenberry, Danny Mills, Carol Sorg, Ronnie Pedley, Chris Templeton, Ray Johnson, Walker Owens, Gene King, Ed Sheriff, David Phelps, Connie Ford, Cindy Morgan, Janet Jones, Debbie Aldridge, David Dillon, Barbara Thomason, Brad Whitlow, Doris Green, Jim Roberts, Ann Mason Templeton, Jagur Johnson, Steve Robertson, Michelle Baxter, Denette Johnson, Jayln Grimes, Robin Hedges, Ava Heep, Janet Sidner, Michael Copeland, Faye Pearson, Brenda Lee, Freddie Tucker, Lisa Crabtree, Heather Vanover.

May God bless you and may your special day be blessed.  May the Light of Jesus shine through on your birthday.

Your family and friends from Christ Community Church