Trail of Treats Donation Request

Trail of Treats Thursday, October 28th  6:00 p.m. Downtown Owensboro     Christ Community will have a booth at this event.  We NEED your HELP.   Please consider donating candy for the AWESOME Community Outreach opportunity to shine the Light of Jesus. Please bring your donation to any of the 3 weekend services or email Cathy Mullins at [email protected]  THANK YOU!!11

Happy Birthday

September     Aaron Brooks, Allen Snyder, April Weaver, Becky Burns, Becky Chapman, Blake Templeton, Becky Trogden, Brad Barnett, Brian Quisenberry, Cheryl Haynes, Cole Barnett, Curtis Varble, Dorothy Knight,  Fred Dant, Gracie Hoffman, Greg Hunter, Jack Jarboe, Jamie Lee, Janice Chapman, Julia McKay, Karlee Hoffman, Kathy Patterson, Kathy Young, LaSheal McDaniel, Liam Taylor, Lillian Owen, Lisa Phillips, Louie Swift, Marilyn Wilkins, Mason Vanover, Michael Crabtree, Michelle McManus, Mickey Hunter, Mike…

Women’s Bible Study

A Study of the Lord’s Prayer Women’s Bible study Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. in the church fellowship hall.  Mary McDole leads us in a comprehensive study of the Lord’s Prayer.  Come join us and bring a friend!!

Sunday Bible Study

40 Days of Prayer        A 40 Days of Prayer Bible study for anyone interested Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. in the church fellowship hall. If you are interested, please call the church office at 270-686-6327 or you may email [email protected] Blessings for a great week!!!

Men’s Bible Study

   Join Kurt as he leads you thru an in depth study of the Bible beginning with Genesis.  The group will meet in the church office at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.

SMS Privacy Policy

Information Practices Christ Community Church (“CCC” or “we”) understands that privacy and data security are important issues to our program users. We recognize our obligation to keep your information secure and confidential. The scope of this privacy policy (the “SMS Privacy Policy”) applies to the CCC SMS (Text) Messaging Alert Service. We may modify this SMS Privacy Policy at any time, and, accordingly, we urge you to frequently review it…

SMS Terms of Service

The scope of these terms of service (the “SMS Terms of Service”) applies to the CCC SMS (Text) Messaging Alert Service. We may modify these SMS Terms of Service at any time, and, accordingly, we urge you to frequently review it and check for updates. When you opt-in to the service, we will send you a message to confirm your signup. Visit the signup page Text “START” to 877-749-2226…

CDC COVID Guideline Update

Christ Community Church desires to be a place where worship happens in a safe and reverent way.  All through the COVID days, we have followed the DCD guidelines and recommendations.  In an effort to finish out the final days of gathering restrictions, we will continue to follow the CDC guidelines concerning the wearing of masks and trust that you will do your part and follow the guidelines as required.  We…

A Message from Pastor Myke,

Thank you for your continued support of and prayers for the Ministry of Christ Community Church.  The past 14 months has been a challenging time for the entire country, as well as churches everywhere.  Future plans for graduations, weddings, funerals, schools and churches faced weekly changes.  All of us have been in a state of flux and uncertainty.  These past 14 months have placed the church in a unique and…

Get in the Word so that the Word gets into you.

I don’t know who to give credit to for saying those words first, but I say them often.  My very own spiritual life suffered, and I didn’t even know it.  I felt good in my ability to listen to a sermon and apply whatever truths into my life.  I could even take a section of scripture to make a good devotion for myself or others.  As I look back at…